Ian Martorana

Bar Deco

Bar Deco

Bar Deco is one of the better brunches I have had in DC in a long time. A solid bottomless deal, great service, tasty food, and modern aesthetic; Bar Deco really has it all. 


$20 for bottomless mimosas is a bit pricey in comparison to some other pre-fixe/bottomless deals in DC, but Bar Deco serves the champagne and orange juice in separate glasses. Yo can have as much (or as little) orange juice as you want. Or, as some in my group did, you can just have straight bubbly with your brunch.

Our waitress (who was new and still did a fantastic job) served the champagne early and often. I knew I was in for an enjoyable brunch. She was attentive without being overbearing, and at a bottomless brunch, that can often be a difficult line to walk. The staff at Bar Deco was absolutely dynamite, and they left a lasting (and positive) impression. 

Bar Deco's design is chic and modern. Everything from the light fixtures to the stemless champagne glasses had a modern feel. Little details like that can make the difference between a good and great dining experience. 

At the end of the day, it is the food that matters above all else. And Bar Deco delivered.

I was fortunate enough to have the chance to split an entree with a friend of mine, which meant I was able to sample two dishes. Everything on Bar Deco's brunch menu sounded absolutely fantastic, so the opportunity to have more than one dish was an enticing prospect. First up was the classic breakfast sandwich featuring a healthy dose of pork belly, plus avocado mayo with an over easy egg on house-made ciabatta and home fries. It was one hell of a sandwich, and they didn't go easy on the pork belly (for which I was quite appreciative). The home fries were a tasty addition, and the avocado mayo added a nice fresh, cooling element to an otherwise heavy and rich sandwich.


Next up were the chicken and waffles. The chicken was all white meatthat isn't my favorite for fried chickenbut the chicken was still juicy and moist. It had a tasty crust, and the waffles were fluffy and tasty. It was rich, decadent, and really, really good.

I would say I would definitely order the chicken and waffles the next time I go to Bar Deco... if the rest of the menu wasn't so tantalizing. I don't know what I'll order, but I know one thing for certain: I will be back brunching at Bar Deco sooner rather than later.