Ian Martorana



Bearnaise bills itself as an upscale Parisian bistro, and it absolutely lives up to that description. Having been for brunch twice and dinner once, I can unequivocally say Bearnaise is one of the better places to grab a bite to eat on Capitol Hill. 

Bearnaise boasts a relatively affordable bottomless brunch at $17. Most people know that bottomless brunches are highly sought after by DC-ites (DC-ians?). Bearnaise doesn't use the traditional champagne flutes either; these are glasses that can hold a healthy amount of champagne, and the waiters and waitresses have a heavy pour that I appreciate.

Naturally, I ordered the croque madame and frites. I am a sucker for a good egg, and this sandwich was massive. Seriously, look at this thing:


I did eat it all, but given the sheer number of mimosas consumed (it is a bottomless brunch - I don't think I saw the bottom of my glass), it took me a little while.

And that is the last thing I would like to mention: Lots of places try to rush you, especially during any bottomless deal. The opposite was true for Bearnaise. Our waiter was polite, kept filling our glasses, made some casual conversation, and allowed us to sit and chat for over two hours. I really appreciated the service, and that alone would get me to return to Bearnaise.