Ian Martorana

BLT Prime

BLT Prime

If there is one word to describe BLT Prime, it is opulent. The place oozes opulence, and largely, it delivers.

I will say off the bat, I didn't love the service; I felt that the pacing of the meal, for a fine dining establishment, was extremely rushed. That said, the steak was delicious, the sides awesome, and they can make the hell out of a Manhattan, one of my preferred cocktails.

Let's start with the sides: The first was mushrooms and shallots, and the second were 'couch potatoes.' The mushroom and shallots were good—and I do try to each some vegetables—and the 'couch potatoes' were awesome. They were baked potatoes wrapped with onion rings, and as much as I wanted to feel like they were hokey, they were marvelous potatoes that were a blast to eat. 

But at BLT, it's about one thing: Meat. Meat is for dinner. I opted for the classic surf and turf, with my filet cooked medium rare. 


It was great. The steak was fantastic and the prawns delicious. It was the compound butter that put it over the edge for me. The menu says it's espelette butter, which the internet tells me "is made from chiles grown in a designated area of the Basque Country." I kind of want to eat that butter on everything forever, but I know that isn't great for my organs. In lieu of that, I will just say that this steak lived up to the hype. There are few things in life better than an aged steak, seared hard, and slathered in butter. 

And surprisingly, despite overseeing the lobby of the Trump Tower hotel in DC, BLT Prime is a pleasantly intimate dining experience. As I mentioned at the top, my first meal here was rushed, but I would emphasize that that was my first meal at BLT; I do plan on going back.