Ian Martorana

Brasserie Beck

Brasserie Beck

Brasserie Beck is a beautiful, sprawling Belgian restaurant boasting a varied menu, a fantastically diverse beer selectionthey even have a beer sommelierand a cordial staff.

The establishment has a large outdoor eating area, which would be nice... if it wasn't summer in DC. The inside of Brasserie Beck is large, but the design of the space still allows for a unique, intimate dining experience. Although it is Restaurant Week in DC, I chose to eat off the traditional dinner menu. I started with the charcuterie plate, which featured pâté, three different types of mustard, your standard selection of cured meats, and pickled vegetables. I am not used to picked vegetables as part of a charcuterie plate, but the pop of acid was a nice balance to the richness of the cured meats and pâtés. It was a nice way to start a meal for those who aren't bold enough to order the steak tartare. 

For my entree, I had the roasted duck breast, with a fried duck egg, duck jus, and pickled carrots.


It was absolutely divine, cooked to a perfect medium. The egg and crispy rice cake were tasty, and again, the use of pickled vegetables deftly cut what would have otherwise been a rich dish.

I am not usually one to order duck (especially with scallops, recommended by our waiter, and a hearty steak on the menu), but I was very pleased with my choice. Given how good the mussels frites were (I tried some of those), I can't say I would get the duck again, but that is only because of how delectable everything else on the menu seemed. You will leave Brasserie Beck a happy patron if you elect to eat the duck (but I would go with the mussels frites and a beer).

Be sure to head down to K Street and enjoy Brasserie Beck.