Ian Martorana



SUSHI. BURRITO. Those are the only two words you need to know, think, or care about if you are interested in Buredo, a sushi-burrito restaurant near the McPherson Square Metro.

Despite being a tiny brick and mortar, hole-in-the-wall type place, Buredo is serving up some high quality sushi at affordable prices.


I was struck by how small the place is; there is one communal table, and that is as far as seating goes. I wasn't totally down with that, so I took my sushi burrito (I ordered the Beatrix, quasi-featured above) to go.

Burdeo undoubtedly is lacking in decorum. But damn, that was one of the best meals under 15 bucks I have had in a long, long time. 

I will admit, I was extremely skeptical. And I was also extremely wrong. The fish was fresh and delicious; it easily could have been eaten as sashimi or nigiri. The cucumber and green onion were refreshing and vibrant, and the sauce added a nice salinity to the burrito.

The best part about this burrito was the ratio of meat to veggies to rice. They did not pack this thing full of rice and leave you wanting for the good stuff. I would say the rice is maybe 15% of the burrito. And I would also say that is a good thing.

Definitely check out Buredo, because it is worth your time. I just recommend taking that sushi burrito to go.