Ian Martorana



I went to Honeysuckle on a lark—a friend of mine made a reservation at someplace nearby, and although I wasn't starving, I was happy to tag along (I do like to eat, after all). We ended up at Honeysuckle; you can taste and feel the Southern influences in the food and vibe, all the while having the inherent 'southernness' elevated to something more special.

Some of my friends went for the duck and short ribs, both of which they enjoyed (and both of which are something I'd normally order), but as I mentioned, I wasn't terribly hungry, so I opted for something lighter: The Carolina Mountain Trout.


I love seafood, but my opinions on trout on the aggregate are lukewarm; neither here nor there. What really sold me on the trout were what accompanied the fish: A warm salad of lobster, shishito peppers (I love shishitos) and heirloom tomatoes, watercress, and grapefruit butter. I will be honest: I hate grapefruit. I hate grapefruit juice, I hate grapefruit sparkling water; It just isn't my thing. And as a Floridian, I realize that opinion is borderline heretical, but it's how I feel. Obviously, I was a little nervous about the grapefruit butter, but I was so sold on the lobster and shishito I rolled the dice.

And as I do on a fairly regular basis, I nailed it. The fish was packed with flavor, and because it tends to be a little more oily than other fish, it paired perfectly with a crisp, not-too-sweet white wine blend my waiter (wisely) recommended. The lobster added a lusciousness, and the tomatoes and peppers cut through the richness with their acidity and heat. And you know what: I didn't hate the grapefruit butter. I didn't even dislike it. I didn't love it either, but overall, I really did love this plate of fish. It was a fun take on a fish you don't see often enough on menus, and Honeysuckle really knocked it out of the park.

Plus, this place gets bonus points for the absolutely dope decor and absolutely phenomenal breadbasket (I am not kidding around here). Head to DuPont and check it out.