Ian Martorana

Husk: Nashville


I am lucky enough to travel a bit for work, and I spent a few days in Nashville. And in Nashville, there is one place I had to try: Husk. I (admittedly) don't eat a ton of southern food, but Husk was a delightful meal highlighted by smokiness, acidity, and herbaceousness, and treating ingredients with expert care.


First off was a 'plate of vegetables,' but it was so much more than that. I was a bit skeptical when this was ordered, but it was absolutely incredible. Featured: A salad with a lemon vinaigrette, hush puppies, braised collard greens, smokey cabbage and cauliflower, and grits with a smokey mushroom broth and a 62* egg. Here's the hot take: If you go to Husk and don't get this, you're being an idiot. End of discussion. We also had some beef tartare, but we ate it too fast and didn't get a picture. Womp womp.

My guest and I split two entrees. The first was a NY strip steak with a mushroom jus, smokey broccoli and sunchokes. 


I enjoyed this dish quite a bit, but it didn't blow me away. It was a good steak with good sauce. The broccoli and sunchokes were awesome, but it was a fairly minor part of the dish. That said, the other entree was absolutely incredible. Drum roll please:


Grilled catfish with fennel salad and mushrooms in a divine smokey mushroom broth. The texture and flavor of the fish was amazing, the broth was absolutely outrageously good (I really wanted to pick up the bowl and drink it, but I was in public, so, I didn't), and it was just a perfectly balanced dish. Herby, smokey, a little briny, and earthy: It truly blew me away.

Husk's menu rotates daily, so you may not be able to get these dishes when you go. But regardless of what's on the menu, if you're in Nashville, Husk's accolades are well-deserved, and you'll be sure to have a fantastic dining experience.