Ian Martorana

La Tomate

La Tomate

La Tomate is an Italian bistro off DuPont Circle. La Tomate has a cafe to purchase ready made items, in addition to the restaurant, which boasts both indoor and outdoor seating. The best thing about La Tomate was the cocktail section, whether it be the bottomless mimosas or vodka cranberries, the aperitifs, or the selection of dessert wines. 

First, we started with two appetizers: Bruschetta and salmon carpaccio, the latter of which can be seen below. The bruschetta was fine, but the salmon carpaccio was very good. With fresh herbs, hard boiled egg, and red onion, the carpaccio was a nice way to start the meal.


My main dish was the eggs Hancock, La Tomate's version of an eggs Benedict, with crispy prosciutto. The eggs were cooked nicely, but the English muffins were barely toasted, which was disappointing. The prosciutto was good, but that is hard to mess up: Slice it and place it under an egg. 


Overall, the meal was fine. And that is most of what I have to say about La Tomate: It is fine. It is nothing spectacular to write home about, and it isn't atrocious. It's just kind of there. The service wasn't very good, but it wasn't so bad I minded. Unless you are in DuPont circle and are craving a vodka cranberry or Italian-style brunch, there are better places to go in DC.