Ian Martorana

Pete's Diner

Pete's Diner

You will not see me review a ton of diners. Although I love a good diner, it isn't always my style when I choose to go out to eat. Pete's Diner is an exception. It is less a restaurant, and more a Capitol Hill institution, serving the kind of excellent, diner-quality, eggy breakfasts you'd expect.

Nothing about Pete's tries to be anything more than it is; cheap (but good) coffee, omelettes, fried eggs, pancakes, crispy bacon, and sausage galore. Even former Speaker John Boehner is known for his trips to Pete's. 


I am not a fan of sweet potatoes, and even I like the sweet potato pancakes. Every omelette is light and fluffy, and contrary to the former Speaker, I really like Pete's bacon. It is good diner food, diner food being what diner food is.

The thing I really like about Pete's is the service and price. In a city like DC, you will be hard pressed to find a 12 dollar breakfast anywhere. Pete's is cheap, Pete's is good, and Pete's is fast. Sometimes, almost too fast. Unless you like drinking scalding hot liquid, you will not see the bottom of your coffee cup unless you try. Everyone who works there is a relentless peddler of caffeinated goodness, always asking if you want or need more coffee. The food comes out in 15 minutes after you order, max. For a place that does a ton of business, especially in the mornings, the speed and accuracy of the orders is always something I can appreciate.

If you're on the Hill, do yourself a favor: wake up at 6:00 am, get down to Pete's and start your day right.