Ian Martorana

Provision No. 14

Provision No. 14

Provision No. 14 (referred to by the cool kids as P14), is a cool spot that serves 'modern American' and small batch cocktails. P14 has a sizable patio (I sat inside when I went, because it was 90 degrees out) as well as an upstairs area. I went here for a late dinner, and I enjoyed my experience. 


First, the cocktails: I tried both the Lime In The Coconut (Clement Select Rhum, coconut orgeat, and lime) and the Rhu-Bourbon Anne, Take My Hand (Old Forester 86 Bourbon, fresh rhubarb juice, egg white, Combier pamplemousse, and lemon). Fun fact (that I looked up on the internet): The French divided rum into two subcategories, rum industriel (rums made from molasses) and rhum agricole (rums made from pressed sugarcane juice). The Lime In The Coconut's primary ingredient was the latter, and it was a refreshing and tasty cocktail.

My guest and I went with an appetizer and one large entree (we were in the mood for sharing). First, we had stir-fried green beans with a soy glaze. I never thought I would rave about green beans, but these were so damn delicious.

We ate all of it, and even used the bread that came with the main course to mop up all the sauce. It is a must-try. The sweet from the soy glaze, the heat from the Thai chili peppers, and the acid from the tomatoes gave the dish a nice balance.


For our entree we ordered the Chili braised short ribs. It was a gigantic amount of food. Honestly, I was really mad that I had a late lunch, because we didn't quite finish the short ribs, as absolutely delicious as they were. 

No need for a knife here; the short rib fell apart with the touch of a fork. The meat was rich and succulent, and the slaw of apples and kohlrabi provided a nice counterbalance to an otherwise heavy and meaty dish. 

P14 was a bit out of the way for me—it is down by U Street—but I can definitively say that short rib was worth the trip.

I also want to mention P14's happy hour: It's all night on Monday's, goes until 9 pm Tuesday - Thursday, and 8 pm on Fridays. That is pretty amazing for someone like me who tends to work until or past 6 pm, and can miss a lot of other happy hour deals. For that reason alone, you will see me back a Provision No. 14.