Ian Martorana


Radici is more of a market than a restaurant, but don't let its set up fool you - this place is serving up genuine, homemade, dynamite Italian cuisine. 


There are few things better than sitting on a patio with a baguette, bruschetta and pesto, and a bottle of wine. If you want fresh, delicious pasta, the perfect tomatoes for a homemade pasta sauce, authentic Italian wine, or handcrafted pasta, then this is your place. 

But, as I said, Radici is more than an amazing fresh Italian market. They offer sandwiches, fresh pastries, pasta, and desserts, among other ready-to-eat dishes. These aren't just your run of the mill sandwiches and salads. They are delicious, hand-crafted, and well balanced. One could argue the food at Radici is simple, but it's also fantastic. 

Radici also has an impressive collection of hot and cold beverages, the iced latte being my favorite.

The atmosphere is just right; Radici sits on the corner across from Eastern Market, and has robust outdoor seating. 

The next time to want to enjoy some wine outside, head to Radici. You can pick up pasta and sauce to make dinner, or get some pre-made bites to go. Whatever your Italian craving, Radici can satisfy.