Ian Martorana

Roaming Rooster


Roaming Rooster

Roaming Rooster is a dynamite food truck that I recently discovered at Truckeroo. As the name suggests, this food truck offers a cooked bird - in this case, awesome fried chicken with twice-fried french fries. For less than 15 bucks, you can get a ton of awesome food.

The breading on the chicken is flavorful and crispy, and the chicken stays nice and juicy. This is what you want out of fried chicken. The bread isn't anything to write home about, but I also don't really care considering how good the chicken is. 

There is an option to get this sandwich without coleslaw. To do that would be objectively stupid. The coleslaw has cabbage, green onion, and jalapeno, for the perfect hit of acid and spice to cut through the richness of the fried chicken sandwich. If you get fries (duh?), the coleslaw is even more of a necessity. The photo above doesn't do the size of this meal justice; it is a ton of food. Click the link at the top to visit Roaming Rooster's Twitter page and find out when one of their trucks will be near you. Go give them your money.