Ian Martorana


Sei Restaurant

The first thing that struck me immediately about Sei was the decor; almost the entire restaurant is all white. The chairs, the tables, the sushi bar; everything is white. It is so visually striking, and gives Sei an upscale feel right off the bat. 

Sei is some of the best sushi in DC. The hamachi sashimi is absolutely delicious, but the star of the sushi menu is the Fish and Chips roll, made of flounder, malt vinegar, potato crisps, and wasabi tartar sauce. Take a look -->

It is a really unique, fun, delicious sushi roll that everyone needs to try. I had the pleasure of dining at Sei during DC's Restaurant Week, and was able to sample some of their nigiri and some non-sushi items on the menu.

The nigiri platter was fantastic. It was properly arrange from light to heavy, and the fish was treated so well that hardly any soy sauce or additions were needed. The quality of sushi restaurants can be judged by their nigiri. Nigiri must stand on its own, because it's a dish all about the quality of the fish and rice. Nigiri is not jazzed up with any garnishes like spicy mayo, and the fish at Sei is fantastic. The garlic scallop roll (I usually don't opt for scallops in sushi) was tasty as well.


I also had the Korean Kalbe Tacos: BBQ short rib, kimchi slaw, and sriracha sour cream. I absolutely love Korean BBQ (especially short ribs), and these tacos were a real treat. It was a tried and true combination of rich meat, acidic veggies, and a spicy/creamy sauce, but it was in no way a pedestrian taco. Even if you're not in the mood for sushi, Sei has excellent food for you. The Kalbe Tacos, along with the Kobe Sliders and Shrimp Tacos, are some go-to's on the menu. Get down to Chinatown and check out Sei.