Ian Martorana

Sushi Capitol

Sushi Capitol

The best word to describe Sushi Capitol is intimate—the establishment itself is small, seating around twenty people. Although you can choose individual sushi rolls, the best option is the sashimi or nigiri platters, which is Sushi Capitol's version of a tasting menu. All the choices of fish are left to the chef. 


I went for the nigiri platter; I enjoy vinegared rice with fish. My selection included a tuna roll with bass, eel, salmon, tuna, mackerel, and other assorted pieces of nigiri. This review won't be long because there isn't much to say other than Sushi Capitol is simply fantastic.

The service is excellent—all the waiters are attentive and polite without being overbearing. The atmosphere is, as I said, intimate, which gives the diner a feeling of exclusivity. And the sushi is the star. It was amazing. Each piece was delicate, light, and flavorful; its beauty is in its simplicity. The ingredients are allowed to shine on their own. The fish is treated exquisitely and the rice cooked perfectly and that is all one needs for an amazing bite of sushi. Sushi Capitol delivers. 

A bit of a disclaimer: Sushi Capitol may not be for those of you who like sushi rolls with fried fish or tons of condiments. Even if you are typically that kind of sushi eater, Sushi Capitol represents an opportunity to step a bit out of your comfort zone to try something unique. 

Sushi Capitol takes reservations online, but you can make reservations (highly recommended—you don't want to risk walking in and waiting) over the phone at (202) 627-0325.