Ian Martorana

Urban Poutine

Urban Poutine


It is hard to go wrong with poutine. Fries, gravy, and cheese curds: What's not to like? The answer is not much, and Urban Poutine is a DC food truck stepping up their fry game, serving gourmet versions of a classic comfort food.

Urban Poutine's fries are hand cut and twice-fried. Each dish is topped with poutine gravy and white cheddar cheese curds; all of that is fairly standard. Their unique protein additions are what makes this food truck shine.

You can order pulled pork or bacon, or have your poutine topped with chili. At special events (like Truckeroo), you can even go for duck confit.

I ordered the red wine braised short ribs, pictured to the right. The fries were crispy and the meat was succulent and juicy. Despite the container being on the smaller side, the short rib poutine was dense; it was more than enough food for dinner.

Urban Poutine is a hearty, delicious spin on a classic. Check out Urban Poutine when they hit a location near you.