Ian Martorana


Wolfgang's Steakhouse

In August 2016, I had the pleasure of visiting Manhattan, and dined at some excellent establishments. Although a deviation from DC restaurants, it would be a missed opportunity not to discuss the culinary adventures I had in New York. Wolfgang's Steakhouse on Park Avenue was a divine dining experience. When you come to a renowned steakhouse, you come for the meat. The ambiance, appetizers, and cocktails all matter, but the steak is at the core of the experience. 

I started with a piece of thick cut bacon (which you can see before the jump), because why not? It was delicious, and set the tone for the entire dinner; I was going all in on red meat... with the exception of the tuna tartar, the second appetizer.


I am a sucker for anything raw, and this tartar was well-handled and well-seasoned, smartly served with crostini and arugula, providing a good vessel and pepper bite to accompany the tuna. 

The real star was the porterhouse for two. As expected, it was cooked to a perfect medium rare, with a nice crust and juicy interior. Personally, if I have the opportunity to dine at a quality steakhouse, I will never deviate from medium rare; anything else is hammering the meat and doing a disservice to the chef, the meat, and yourself. 


Having researched Wolfgang's before my visit, my expectations were high—and Wolfgang's exceeded my expectations. Beyond the fantastic food, our waiter was great (he gave us a free shot of grappa!) and the restaurant itself was beautiful. From Wolfgang's website:

This building is a historic landmark unto itself. With arched ceilings tiled by the famed Rafael Guastavino, the restaurant’s architecture is stunning. Guastavino’s exquisite tile work displayed on the vaulted ceilings in blue and white, is found nowhere other than NYC.

Needless to say, Wolfgang's Steakhouse on Park Ave was a meal I am unlikely to forget any time soon.